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Company Overview

Experience & Innovation in the Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturing Sector.

A company whose name is synonymous with quality products and long lasting service, Rotoplastics has been an essential part of the rotationally moulded manufacturing landscape of Trinidad & Tobago for over forty (40) years.

Established in 1976, Rotoplastics Trinidad Limited began as a small company whose primary focus was "Tuff Water Tanks". Today, with a team of over two hundred employees, the Rotoplastics product line now has an international reach, and is recognized for the durability and strength of its manufactured goods.

With the use of innovative product design, state of the art technology and an all-encompassing record of excellence, we have consistently been able to meet the most demanding requirements of our local and international clientele in the fields of waste management, water storage & insulated products with proficiency and dependability. Our result is always an excellent, long-lasting solution that assures value for money.

Rotoplastics and its subsidiary companies: Rototech (Jamaica), Trinidad Ropeworks, Rotoplastics Barbados and The Water Source, have established an extensive range of services and rototionally moulded products. From industrial to domestic use, residential and commercial. That includes Water tanks, flower pots, insulated containers, trash bins, Trash bags, Ropes and Twine, Pentax Water Pumps, Stiebel Eltron Water Heaters, Water Treatment Systems.

Water Storage Solutions

Rotoplastics launched its line of Tuff Water Tanks 40 years ago. Tuff Tanks are rotationally moulded and lined with a Health Gard Safety Lining material approved by US Food and Drug Administration.

In the midst of features heretofore unseen in the local market, these tanks rugged, multi-ribbed construction and incomparable advantages made Tuff Tank the number one brand in the region. With sizes available from 200L to 17,000L all water tanks are vigorously tested and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Waste Management

Maximizing resource value while minimizing environmental impact, Rotoplastics, through its line of waste management products, has proven its interest in safeguarding our environment by providing solutions that are earth friendly and are made with fully recyclable material.

Our range of products in this area include Waste Water Treatment Systems, Trash Bags and Commercial Trash Bins. Our Fatboy Waste Treatment System was specially engineered to function under earth pressures. We manufacture waste treatment systems for residential and industrial applications, locally and internationally.

Water Management Products

Most products are neither energy efficient, nor cost effective.

Recognizing the customer's need in this area, Rotoplastics decided to distribute Stiebel Eltron Water Heaters, Pentax Water pumps and a wide range of energy efficient plumbing accessories.

Decorative Planters

This fast growing family owned company has added a true essence of quality and craftsmanship to each rotationally molded flower pot. Our range of Modern & Traditional pots and planters have added elegance and pure class to every home, mall and business place. Our planters are Durable, UV Resistant, will not dent or crack.

Insulated Containers

Our popular range of insulated containers are manufactured using FDA approved Polythelyne. From our mobile merchandiser to our 25 cubic ft coolers, we produce a size for every application. Each insulated container features a rotationally molded design with thick, insulated foam that can keep ice cold up to six days!

Backed by our solid five year guarantee of durability, our Rotcool line of products continue to play a vital role in the service industries regionally that require the storage and shipment of temperature-sensitive products.

With an unmatched reputation for product quality and for customer service, Rotoplastics is fully committed to the continued expansion of its existing product line, and to the development of new products.

With an outlook of growth and a mindset on continuous improvement, we are dedicated to meeting the changing requirement of the global market, while keeping our innovative spirit in developing and delivering new products to satisfy consumer needs.