Water Tanks and Accessories

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All tanks are not created equal. There’s only one tank that comes with the symbol of quality, TUFF TANKS - Our durable tanks come with 20 years experience and are made from the highest quality resins available.

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Apartment Tank

Designed to fit into small spaces, Rotoplastics’ Apartment Tanks are an effective, economical way to store potable water for Residential and Commercial applications. Developed for the safe, reliable storage of potable water, these rugged, impact-resistant tanks won’t leak, chip, rust or corrode.

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FP2 and FP3 Filter Housings
Our Filters are units specially designed to remove impurities from water.

  • Available in two standard sizes: 5” and 9”.
  • Choice of transparent or white bowls with brass threaded inlets / outlets and brass bleed screws.
  • The FP3 housing is designed to hold standard filter cartridges and its unique ring- nut design allows the filter bowl to be easily removed.

Level Indicator
The level indicator allows you to know the actual water level on your tank.

Rainwater Catchment
The Rainwater Catchment allows clean water to run through it, while it retains the leaves, animals and small pieces of debris that flow from the gutters, preventing them from entering to your tank.

Bulkhead Fittings
A full range of fittings is available

Valve and float
Installing a Valve and float in your tank will ensure that it maintains a constant water level. When the float reaches to the water level limit, the valve will immediately cut the water supply to the tank. If the water is under the limit, the valve reopens and water is allowed to flow into the tank.

Available Stem & Valves

Brand Size Condition Material
Pex ½” ServiceableBrass
½” Non Serviceable Brass
½”Serviceable Plastic